GUTTERS - Gutter clearing using the HIGH VAC Reach Vacuum


Can you clear gutters from the ground?

Now, there is a similar way to clear and clean your gutters, a pole system used with a powerful vacuum. Our machines reach up to about 50' and can be used for all types of gutters and being lightweight, can be used at lower angles to reach difficult areas.


The advantages:

• This system can be operated by one man

• It is the safe way to do the job

• No expensive access equipment is required

• Vacuum units are self contained or powered from the van

• All debris is collected into the cylinder so there’s no mess

• It cuts the job time by less than half


The HIGH VAC high-reach vacuum system will work for 99% of cases but we use a cherry-picker where needed.


HIGH VAC is a member of IPAF and we hold a PAL (Powered Access Licence)


Can we prove the gutters are clear?

We provide a camera-survey service so you can look into you gutters without going up there. You can have a before and after video to give you peace of mind that the job has been completed properly.



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